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Custom Solutions to Automation Challenges


T-slot aluminum profiles are used in a wide array of automation applications and projects

Automation has been achieved through a variety of means such as robotic, hydraulic, and pneumatic solutions. Profile systems provide both the structure and rigidity for your large machine bases, mechanical arms, fixtures and guarding equipment as well as the precision needed for jigs, sensors, safety components, or computer system mounts.


80/20 products provide flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to make quick and easy changes today, as well as any future modifications or retrofits. This adjustability also aids ergonomic initiatives, providing solutions tailored to your processes and personnel. Connections are strong and vibration resistant, leading to material longevity and less down time.

80/20 for automating machine frames

  • T-Slot design allows you to fit the frame to the process.
  • Connect air tools to a pressurized 80/20 frame.
  • Tool hangers enable you to mount and move up to 100 lbs.
  • Quickly reconfigure your frame to fit your changing needs

Use 80/20 to frame and support conveyor systems

  • Rollers and other motion wheels can easily be mounted to T-Slots.
  • Light or heavy loads can all be handled by 80/20 profiles.
  • Choose one of our many fastening options to fit your needs.

Increased Efficiency

Unlike other alternatives, such as prefabricated or steel assemblies, T-slot profiles provide the customization and longevity you need to save resources and create efficiencies. The T-slot channel houses wires and cables, creating a safe and integrated process for running power and pneumatics to your equipment and workstations.

Design your frame to solve more than one problem and save time & money

  • Use the center cavity of the extrusion to run tubing or cables.
  • Large or odd shaped tools can all be easily mounted to your frame.
  • Custom machine parts to finish your system the way you need it.

Mobility and security are all available with 80/20 control cabinets

  • Use tube clamps to safely contain wires and power cables.
  • Add casters to make your cabinet mobile and easy to move.
  • Laminated counter tops add strength and durability.
  • Locking handles and high strength panels add security.