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Exhibits and Innovation

Displays & Exhibits

Customizable, Durable, Reconfigurable, Aesthetic

Whether you need a tradeshow and exhibit booth, displays for the office waiting area or a new kiosk in a retail setting, 80/20 is ideal. Every solution comes in a different size, shape, and color, and is customizable, durable, reconfigurable, and aesthetic.

80/20 for Displays

For displays that are eye-catching and functional use 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles, parts and panels to create a modern, custom solution. Easy to assemble, it’s modular so you have the freedom to make changes.

80/20 for trade show displays

  • Lightweight, easy to assemble, and professional looking.
  • Quick I&D (can be installed and dismantled on the spot).
  • Saves time and lowers your freight bill.
  • 80/20 has a variety of panels & accessories that allow you to achieve the look you desire.

The flexibility of T-Slotted extrusions allow you to:

  • Safely show your products and processes to potential customers.
  • Build your enclosure around your machine.
  • Provide a clean-looking display.
  • Give your display a unique look that is sure to increase traffic through your booth.


80/20 provides you with the widest variety of T-slot aluminum profiles, parts, panels, and accessories so that you can choose what fits best for your space, your brand, and your requirements. Choose from sleek black anodized profiles for that extra "wow" factor or incorporate a custom panel for a unique look.

Put a finishing touch on your display by using 80/20's quarter round extrusions

  • Available in both Fractional and Metric sizes.
  • Rounded edge for safety and aesthetics.
  • Two T-Slots available for modularity.
  • What better way to introduce your product to new customers than with a kiosk that can be placed in airports, shopping malls, or lobbies.