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80/20: Built for the Future


Mounting structures that withstand rapid and consistent movement

Robotics has solidified itself as a cornerstone in the rapidly growing arena of automation and manufacturing in order to achieve the goals of flexibility and efficiency. 80/20 is perfectly slated to support and protect any robot, regardless of size and scope.

The 80/20 Advantage

80/20 products are consistently used in robotic applications, such as automation, framing, material handling, and safety solutions. Its modularity, as well as strong and durable yet lightweight nature, lends it to industrial robots and robotic automation systems.

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With T-slot products you can truly think "outside the box". Don't limit yourself with the constraints of conventional construction and framing materials. Create absolutely whatever you want and how you want it with T-slotted aluminum framing solutions and accessories. You'll immediately benefit from its light weight and durability.

A Cohesive Solution

A robotic mounting structure faces inherent challenges, including rapid and consistent movement, integrating components such as controls, safety features, and power and pneumatic feeds, and protecting your workforce and equipment. 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles allow you to address all of these objectives with one cohesive solution.

Robotic Fixture Solutions

Take your framing solutions to that next level with 80/20 profiles and Stanchions. Are you looking for a creative and unique way to hang those light curtains around your robotic application? Or have you ever thought of using 80/20 products to mount smaller robotic arms to an application? But best of all, do it with modularity and mobility of the application fully intact.