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Q. Do you have a minimum order?

A. No

Q. Do you supply to the general public?

A. Absolutely

Q. Do you do demos and on-site consultations?

A. Yes, we can come to any BC lower mainland business address to show you material in person and consult on your design idea

Q. Do you cut profiles to size and machine them?


Q. Can you help me with my design or idea?

A. Absolutely, contact us at 604-607-6443 or email to get started today!

Q. Do you ship?

A. Yes, we can ship prepaid or collect, just ask for a quote.

Q. Do I need specialized equipment to cut the profiles?

A. Not at all, most mitre saws will cut profiles fine, we recommend a non-ferrous carbide tip blade with 96 teeth on a 12” blade. Please do so at your own risk and follow all safety instructions by the manufacturer. We will also happily cut the profiles for you.

Q. What is the alloy used in your T-Slotted Aluminum extrusions?

A. We use 6105-T5 Aluminum alloy because of its higher ultimate and yield tensile strength.

Q. How much weight can your extrusions support?

A. In most applications load requirements can be met by selecting the proper profile(s), fastening method(s), and design details. Check out 80/20’s Deflection Calculator, we do not recommend going over 1/8" or 3.25mm of deflection. Call us if you have any application-specific questions.

Q. Do you offer extrusions in different colors?

A. T-slotted extrusions come with a standard clear anodize. All extrusions can be supplied in custom anodized colours for an additional charge. Black is very popular, many extrusions are also stocked in black. Custom colour anodized orders will be quoted upon request.

Q. What is the difference between the 10 Series and 15 Series T-slotted extrusions?

A. 10 Series extrusions are designed on 1/2" and 1" dimensions. The center point is 1/2" from the edge of the extrusion, with a 1" center to center measurement. 15 Series extrusions are designed on 3/4" and 1.5" dimensions. The center point is 3/4" from the edge of the extrusion, with a 1.5" center to center measurement.

Q. Do any connections have a locking mechanism so that the connections hold tight even when subjected to movement or vibrations?

A. The locking mechanism is in the design of the T-slotted profile. The T-slot flange declines two degrees in towards the center of these profiles. This "Drop Lock Feature" acts as a lock washer in that it spring loads the fastener as it is tightened.

Q. What are your stock lengths of extrusions?

A. While not all profiles are available in all lengths, most Fractional T-slotted extrusions are available in 145" and 242" stock lengths. Most Metric T-slotted extrusions are available in 4M and 6M stock lengths. Consult the current 80/20 Catalog for profile stock length specifics. NOTE: We also supply 'cut to length' as a regular service.

Q. How much weight will linear bearings support if they are attached to the underside of a beam?

A. We strongly suggest that linear bearings NOT be used in this configuration.

Q. I just need a small piece, do you keep any stock?

A. We have some of the most popular fractional profiles in stock, 1010, 1020, 1030, 1515, 1515-LITE, 1530, 1545 and 3030! Call for availability.

Q. I was looking at some of the 80/20 Aluminum online, what’s the best way to get a quote?

A. Send an email or call us.

Q. I'm working on a new design and decided to use T-Slot Aluminum extrusion as the frame material due to its modular nature. I've never sent out a 3D sketch so I'm going to send a zipped copy of the Solid Works assembly file. Is that okay?

A. Yes, you can email us any drawing file or scan of your sketch - basic or sophisticated we work with it all.

Q. We are building a test station with T-Slotted frame. We are in need of several fittings, Aluminum brackets and more T-Slotted Aluminum. We don't have a shipping company, can you help?

A. Yes, we can handle all your shipping needs, plus we pass along our volume discount - ask us for a shipping quote direct from factory or with our monthly stock orders.

Q. I’m looking for Aluminum T-Slot for building robotics, is 80/20 T-Slot suitable?

A. It certainly is - 80/20 is a popular choice for robotics.