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Technical Specifications

80/20 Tools:

Deflection Calculator CAD Library

Material Strength Specifications

Minimum Yield Strength in Pounds:

  • 80/20's 6105-T5* alloy yield strength of 35,000 psi compares to A36 carbon steel's yield strength of 36,000 psi.
  • Volume for volume, aluminum weights about 1/3 as much as iron, steel, copper or brass.
*or comparable material strength

T-slot Profile Specifications

35,000 p.s.i. (min)Yield Strength241.1 N/mm2 (min)
38,000 p.s.i. (min)Tensile Strength262.0 N/mm2 (min)
A5 minimum 10%ElongationA10 minimum 8%
10,200 k lb/in.sqElasticity E70,326.5 N/mmsq
Rockwell approximately E-88HardnessBrinell approximately 75 HB
.004” per 1 inch of widthFlatness0.1mm per 25.4mm of width
0.0125 inches per 1 foot of length not to exceed 0.118 inches over 20 feet of lengthStraightness0.32mm per 304mm of length, not to exceed 3mm over 6.1 m of length
Per 1 foot of length not to exceed .25 de gree and total twist over 20 feet of length not to exceed 1.5 degreesTwistPer 304mm of length not to exceed .25 de gree and total twist over 6.1m of length not to exceed 1.5 degrees
Note: Extrusion conforming to DIN 17 615 specifications. Unless otherwise specified, all profiles will have etch and clear (MIL-A-8625F) anodizing with depth of .0004 inches (0.010mm) and surface hardness of approximately 250 HV (anodized profiles should not be welded because of toxic fumes).

Torque Specifications

The tables below show the amount of torque in foot-lbs. and newton meters required to activate the 2 degree drop-lock feature for t-slotted profiles. Nut and bolt combination is preloaded when tightened to the minimum torque rating.

Fractional T-slotted Profiles

Part NumberFastener DescriptionTested ProfileMinimum Torque Ft-lbs.Maximum Torque Ft.-lbs.
33205/16-18 x 11/16 Flanged BHSCS & Economy T-Nut151510.0015.00
33255/16-18 x 3/4 Economy T-Slot Stud, Washer & Hex Nut151525.0030.00
3360 15 Series Anchor Fastener Assembly1515-Lite10.0020.00
338015 Series End Fastener Assembly1515-Lite10.0022.00
33211/4-20 x 1/2 Flanged BHSCS & Economy T-Nut10104.006.00
339510 Series Anchor Fastener Assembly10103.0017.00
338110 Series End Fastener Assembly10104.0017.00

Metric T-slotted Profiles

Part NumberFastener DescriptionTested ProfileMinimum Torque Newton MetersMaximum Torque Newton Meters
75-3422M8 x 16mm BHSCS & Economy T-Nut40-40401320
75-3500M8 x 20mm Economy T-Slot Stud, Washer & Hex Nut40-40404054
40-3897 40 Series Anchor Fastener Assembly40-4040-Lite1337
40-389140 Series End Fastener Assembly40-4040-Lite1329
75-3404M6 x 10mm BHSCS & Economy T-Nut25-252558
25-3896 25 Series Anchor Fastener Assembly25-2525423
25-389525 Series End Fastener Assembly25-2525523
The estimated torque calculations in this chart are offered as a guide only. Use of this content by anyone is the sole responsibility of that person and they assume all risk. Due to many variables that affect the torque-tension relationship like human error, surface texture, and lubrication the only way to determine the correct torque is through experimentation under actual joint and assembly conditions.

Fastener Application Test

Fastener Application Test